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Zombie Is a pet in Battle Run and is usually seen in medium leagues. Zombie is obtained in Gold Eggs and is a fair pet. Characters are seen riding on him respectively.
Screenshot 2015-06-06-14-03-21

OICW_Nicky using his Zombie (Zombie has its head towards the screen)


Zombie's Attack (similar to Alpaca's attack phase). Zombie removes his head and swings it back and forth and if it hits someone, they get slapped on the screen or fly away from the screen.


During Activation, Zombie is given a slight speed boost during its first attack phase (the slapping)


Zombie looks like a basketball player except it plays with it's head.


Competitive PlayEdit

The zombie is great pet for clearing crowds. This pet is best used in when most of the players are all close together. Also check Alpaca.

Trivia Edit

  • The zombie seems to be based of the zombies from Plants vs. Zombies.

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