Wheelchair is pet in Battle Run that appears to be a chair with wheels that is used for people who are handicapped in real life. Characters sit on top of it, competitively.


It has a very acceptable speed boost for catching up or staying in the lead (similar to Speeder but slower). You have this speed boost throughout its entire duration.


It attacks by flattening (or pushing aside) players in front of you if they get in contact (similar to Mr. Touchdown's and Robo Car's first attack phase).

Wheelchair speed is good and runs over those right in front of it

Competitive Play

It is pretty competitive in high leagues and it is quite easy from getting from 3rd to 1st. If you use a Speed Boost or a Chainsaw while it is activated, it could be a very offensive pet by flattening opponents as it passes by, quickly.


The Wheelchair is by far the rarest pet in Battle Run; it is almost never seen in low or high leagues.

The Wheelchair can be only obtained in legendary eggs with an extremely low chance of getting it (same with Ostrich).

The Wheelchair seems like it is made out of candy which could be referred to one of the newer stages, Candy Land.