Hello, Pizzaman1782 here.

This is my Drone Shadow Strike Report (AKA D.S.S.R.).

It's been another awesome time playing Drone Shadow Strike and supporting allies, completing missions, and killing enemies.

I am really gonna be happy when they have higher missions and levels because I am at the highest rank/mission level and am just doing mission and survival to entertain.

Recently, I have done an experiment to see if the Allied forces can handle them selves without my Drone power.

What do you think?

Yes, or no?

Make your vote in the comments please if you would.

I know the answer, I just wanna see if you guys can guess.

Sincerely, pizzaman1782. :)

PS: please a vote for the D.S.S.R. question for Pizzaman1782!

Question: do you think allied forces can win the battle them selves without drone support? 

Yes or no?

Leave answer in the comments, thank you! :) :D

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