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  • Pizzaman1782

    Admin test

    August 17, 2015 by Pizzaman1782

    1. What should you do if someone has left a mean comment on a story or chat?

    2. What should you do if you see someone has made an edit on someone's story without asking, even tho it added good information?

    3. What should you do if someone made an edit or created a page with useless info in it?

    4. What should you do if someone edits someone's user page without asking and it's for a mean or no reason?

    5. What should you do if an ADMIN or a MODERATOR is causing trouble?

    6. What should you do if someone is to young for Wikia?

    Leave me answers in the comments.

    And then me of GamingPea111 will look at the results and talk to you.

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  • Pizzaman1782

    I'm back!

    August 17, 2015 by Pizzaman1782

    I'm back on the game with all my stuff!

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  • Pizzaman1782


    August 16, 2015 by Pizzaman1782

    attention battle Run friends, i have an announcment.

    i have retired from battle Run and will miss my friends, i stopped cause i had alot of games to maintain and i made a decision for some of my games, it was a hard desicion working so hard on a game and then having it erased but i needed the storage space for my device. 

    i am sorry to all my Battle Run friends and my clan OICW.

    i will be on the wiki, but not on the game.

    but i have one more piece of my speech to say, and that is the best of luck to all my good battle Run friends.

    keep on running.

    sinceraly, Pizzaman1782.

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  • Pizzaman1782

    Hello, Pizzaman1782 here.

    This is my Drone Shadow Strike Report (AKA D.S.S.R.).

    It's been another awesome time playing Drone Shadow Strike and supporting allies, completing missions, and killing enemies.

    I am really gonna be happy when they have higher missions and levels because I am at the highest rank/mission level and am just doing mission and survival to entertain.

    Recently, I have done an experiment to see if the Allied forces can handle them selves without my Drone power.

    What do you think?

    Yes, or no?

    Make your vote in the comments please if you would.

    I know the answer, I just wanna see if you guys can guess.

    Sincerely, pizzaman1782. :)

    PS: please a vote for the D.S.S.R. question for Pizzaman1782!

    Question: do you think allied forces can win…

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  • Pizzaman1782

    Need help?

    May 8, 2015 by Pizzaman1782

    Hello, it's your pal pizzaman1782 on the wiki!

    I'm just here to ask anyone if they need help, cause I'm here to help if anyone needs any help, I can help with snapshot taking/editing/pictures and other stuff!

    So if anyone needs any help, just call your friendly neighbor hood pizzaman1782!

    Sincerely, pizzaman1782.

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