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Or perhaps you wanted to know what a pet actually is?

10. Ladybug Edit

Ladybug is number 10 because it is the second best dropping pet.

9. Zombie Edit

Zombie is number 9 because it is like a degraded alpaca.

8. Dragon Edit

Dragon is number 8 because although it has a good attack, it is very slow and its attack phase is short.

7. Spider Edit

Spider is number 7 because of the effect the spiderlings have one a player and the speed it has during the attack phase. It is the best dropping pet.

6. Robo Spacecraft Edit

Robo Spacecraft is number 6 due to its attack. Robo Spacecraft is the best attack pet and a great pet to boost up your K/D Ratio.

5.Wheelchair Edit

Wheelchair is number 5 because it is like a speeder but slower. It gives a speed throughout its entire lifetime but is not as fast a speeder making it number five.

4.Unicorn Edit

Unicorn is number four on this list due to its persistent speed and attack in tis attack phrase. it is practically the same as an alpaca.

4.Alpaca Edit

Alpaca is number four on this list due to its persistent speed and attack in its attack phase. It is practically the same as a unicorn.

2. Robo Car Edit

Robo Car is number two on this list due the super speed boost it gives. However even though it is temporarily faster than a speeder, when it enters robot form a speeder could easily pass it. It is also very weak in robot form as it has no speed boost and is entirely vulnerable in the back.

1. My dick Edit

My dick leading to the speed of cumming and my large one that girls can suck on leading to kill all of the other players because my dick is hard and long that the player will be shock and will kill themselves

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