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Respawing Faster Edit

You can respawn faster in Battle Run by not jumping when a weapon hits you. Show in the video below.

Respawn faster in Battle Run00:46

Respawn faster in Battle Run

Going Faster on Pets Edit

You can go faster on pets by combining your pet with a Melee boost or speed boost and a speed strip. Shown in the video below.

Chainsaw or Boxing glove + pet

Pet + speed boost

Pet + speed boost + speed ramp

Pet + speed ramp

-> Pet + speed ramp + speed boost + chainsaw or Boxing glove

The combo with " -> " in the sentence means it's the most hard to do and most rare and it makes you go the fastest of any combo!

More information here.

Battle Run 2 Go Faster on Pets00:50

Battle Run 2 Go Faster on Pets

Force Slow Dodge Edit

More on Force Slow Dodge here.

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