Battle Run T-Rex



T-Rex is a pet in Battle Run. It appears as a purple dinosaur, with a shiny, sharp, horn on it's head. Players ride on its back. (Similar to Unicorn's Attack)

T-Rex is a dinosaur like Pyrosaur.


Due to the latest update T-Rex now only has a speed buff throughout its attack phase.

Keep in mind that the speed buff isn't as fast as some competitive pets.


T-Rex will headbutt anyone who comes into contact with it, sending them flying, similar to Boxing Glove.

Now due to the latest update the T-Rex does not attack throughout its whole lifetime but within the first three quarters.

Competitive Play:Edit

T-Rex is a somewhat good pet but, due to the latest update, the T-Rex now attacks and has a speed buff for only three quarters of its lifetime and this may keep people away from it. It's not nearly as good as the Unicorn, though.

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