Spoon gameplay04:26

Spoon gameplay

Spoon (Cropped)

Spoon at the main screen



  • Spoon is a playable character in Battle Run.
  • He is a dog with brown fur and has brown hair on the top of his head.
  • His playstyle is extremely unique in that he gets his wins through his slows in Bone and Goo.
  • He supports the ability Bone, Homing Rocket, Chainsaw, Goo, Boost, and Drill
  • costs 6000 coins. 


Spoon relies heavily on his slows. He uses Bone to get ahead, and then Goo to keep enemies behind. This also gives him decent harass, but, similar to Joe, he lacks options out of harass.

Use in Competitive Play

Spoon is unique and only meant for people who know how to play him. He is not seen often, but he can be effective if trained well.

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