There are different types of speed combos available in Battle Run. Use these speed combos and you'll be first in no time.

Boosts Edit

Melee Edit

Other Speed Boosts Edit

Two Combo Speed Boost Edit

Three Combo Speed Boost Edit

Four Combo Speed Boost Edit

Melee + Boost + Pet + Speed Ramp(The ultimate Speed Boost in Battle Run, and yes, its possible)

Notes Edit

  • The best pets to use for speed boosts are as follows:
  1. Speeder
  2. Robo Car
  3. Unicorn
  4. Alpaca
  5. Wheelchair
  • For best results, make sure you have good level, speed, acceleration, boost, and melee.
  • Some speed ramps provide more speed than others.
  • If you go too fast, you will speed out of the camera's view for a while, if this happens, I recommend jumping randomly to avoid obstacles.
  • What you want to look for in a pet is speed, then life, then attack time. The lowest stat that is acceptable is 70. For best results try to get 80 or above. Note that trading can help get your stats up.
  • 10 possible speed boosts combos available
  • Second Combo speed boosts are most common
  • Four Combo speed boosts are rare. Perfect timing is key.
*Does not have a speed boost

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