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Players ready to race on Snowy Mountain

Snowy Mountains is a stage in Battle Run that takes place on a mountain covered with snow. The background depicts several mountains with snow and trees as well. This stage is more difficult than Castle as it contains jump patterns and abnormal platforming.


There are 2 obstacles on Snowy Mountain and are both harmful

Harmful ObstaclesEdit

Barbed WireEdit

Barbed Wire

The Barbed Wire on the stage Snowy Mountains


Barbed Wire is a harmful obstacle on Snowy Mountain that has a reasonable size and length. It depicts a red spiked barbed wire that kills any player or pet on contact.

Road SpikesEdit

Road Spikes

The Road Spikes on the stage Snowy Mountains


Road Spikes are harmful obstacles on Snowy Mountain. They depict a small and short, red line with red spikes coming out vertically form the line. They kill any player or pet on contact.

Music ThemeEdit

The music theme for this stage seems to be modern thence secret agent music like you would hear in James Bond movies.