A design picture of the Robo Spacecraft.

Robo Spacecraft

Robo Spacecraft is a pet in Battle Run. Characters sit in it but, not in the cockpit.


A quick speed boost is given during it's entire duration. (Similar to Chainsaw, Boxing GloveRobo Shock).
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OICW_Nicky riding his Robo Spacecraft


For a few seconds upon activation, a laser is fired out of the spacecraft. It kills anything it touches. Its laser is a very long range weapon that can easily kill players ahead if they are in the same ground level as you are.


WWB_FolloWmE using robo spacecraft

Competitive Play

It is good on characters that need help in the "taking the lead" department (Macie and Spoon, most notably) but isn't as good on other characters. It is also a great pet to boost up your K/D Ratio.


It is often known as "The Pet Murderer" due to the fact that the laser first knocks people off their pets, and then kills the rider (similar to Dragon's fire but longer).


This is the 2nd robotic pet in the game, the other one being Robo Car.