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Battle Run Pyrosaur



Pyrosaur is a Pet in Battle Run. It appears to be a blue, fictional, dinosaur-like creature. Players sit on top of its back.


Pyrosaur grants a quick speed boost during it's attack phase (similar to Dragon but, longer).


During Pyrosaur's attack phase, it shoots out a combination of fire and electricity (similar to Dragon's fire but, shorter ranged). Although, the attack doesn't kill the enemy. Rather, it leaves the enemy with a very long lasting Shock effect (similar to Chip's Robo Shock but, of course, longer ranged and longer lasting).

Competitive Play Edit

Pyrosaur makes a decent pet for competitive play. Instead on killing the opponents in front of you, it leaves a long lasting shock effect for about 5 seconds that could put the players in jeopardy and manage to take the lead while the players are left behind. Keep in mind though, Pyrosaur does lack the speed boost a bit so, to benefit from it, try to use a Speed Boost or a Chainsaw for a "stronger effect".

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