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Pet eggs are used to hatch new and better pets. 


There are 3 types of eggs.

  • White Egg (2000 Coins)
  • Golden Egg (5000 Coins)
  • Legendary Egg (350 Diamonds)

White EggsEdit

White eggs hatch basic low powered pets. They take 12 hours to hatch, You can receive white gets from the "Get First Place 5 Times" objective. These eggs give the lowest possible stats for the hatched pet.

Pets hatched from this egg:

Golden EggsEdit

Golden eggs hatch Strong pets. They take 6 hours to hatch. These eggs give the second strongest stats for the hatched pet.

Pets hatched from this egg:

Legendary EggsEdit

Hatch "Ultra" strong pets. These have no hatch time due to their power. These eggs have a high change for rare pets. They give the strongest possible stats for the hatched pet.

Pets that hatch from this egg:

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