Or perhaps you wanted a list of pets.


A pet is a vehicle-like object that, upon collecting enough stars, will be able to be activated, right over the weapon button. Upon activation, the user is typically granted a speed boost along with a different effect, depending on the certain pet. Some pets shoot projectiles in front of them, some will attack other characters in front of them, and some of them will leave traps behind (Similar to Landmine, Goo, and Yarn). They can be used to take or hold the lead, along with just a small boost when you need it. In addition, the user is invincible to all forms of damage, although, when hit, the pet is ended, even if it is in the middle of an attack.

Use for projectile petsEdit

Pets that shoot projectiles in front of them, such as the Robo Car, are useful for taking the lead by killing others in front of them.

Use for attacking petsEdit

Pets that attack directly in front of the user or slightly in front, such as BabyLoo, are useful for the extra speed boost or for killing an enemy in front of you.

Use of trap-setting petsEdit

Pets that lay down traps to hinder enemies behind you, such as the Spider, are useful for keeping the lead, as usually they are a major hinder to your opponent.

How to get PetsEdit

Besides starting with BabyLoo, you must purchase eggs to get pets. There are 3 types of eggs: White, Golden, and Legendary, in order of expensiveness and quality. White and Golden eggs cost coins, and Legendary eggs cost diamonds. In addition, your max number of pets is controlled by the number of nests you own. 1 White pet egg is awarded through Daily Objectives