Panda is a pet in Battle Run that appears to be an animal with the same name. Characters ride on top of it, respectively. The Panda appears to also have armor on, almost making him like a panda warrior.
Screenshot 2015-06-06-14-06-07

OICW_Nicky using his Panda

Speed Edit

It has no (or barely) any noticeable speed boost which makes it a very weak pet for staying in the lead or catching up (similar to Mr. Touchdown's speed boost).


Its attack is very underwhelming as well. It shoots bamboo sticks from (which is looks like) a bamboo bazooka. The problem is, it does not aim straight. Instead, it aims downwards which makes it very hard to aim. You have this attack throughout its entire duration.

Competitive PlayEdit

The Panda performs quite odd and unusual in higher leagues therefore, making it hard to use. It's speed and attack would not keep up with competitive pets (Speeder). However, if you jump while it is attacking and the players are in front you, it might have a chance to kill the players ahead of you and catch up to the lead.

Trivia Edit

The Panda can be obtained in gold and legendary eggs.

The Panda is somewhat rare but, a pretty good chance on getting it in legendary eggs.

The best character combination with the Panda, is Shinobi.