Ostrich Gameplay

Ostrich Gameplay


Ostrich is a pet in Battle Run that appears to have the same name of a land bird in real life. Characters ride on top of it while holding a leach, respectively.

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It has a quite underwhelming speed buff during its attack phase. You have the speed buff throughout its entire duration.
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OICW_Nicky riding his Ostrich


After its activation, it immediately attacks by wrapping a vine made out of feathers that slows down the opponents and disables their usage of items for a while but, only they get too close (similar to Mummy's attack phase and yarn's affect). You have this attack phase throughout its entire duration.

Competitive Play

It does decent in higher Leagues but, it's speed buff makes it quite weak to catch up with faster pets. It also has a very short range attack which is hard to use due to the speed of the Pet.


  • The Ostrich is extremely rare and barely noticeable; even in high Leagues.
  • The Ostrich can be only obtained in legendary eggs but, a very low chance of getting it.
  • The Ostrich is one of those "odd ball" Pets due to the rarity of the pet and how it attacks.