Objectives are found in Battle Run Season Two. They are tasks that can be completed for various rewards.

How they workEdit

Objectives appear in a small menu on the screen. When open, the menu will show you the various objectives you have currently, and how many you have completed total. When looking at the objective, you will see:

  1. It's name
  2. The task
  3. How many of the task have you completed (Ex. Hit 10 racers with the Boxing Glove, it might say 5/10.)
  4. The reward
  5. The cost to skip

Completing an objectiveEdit

To complete an objective, you must:

  1. Acquire the objective
  2. Complete the task given
  3. Hit the "Complete" button, found usually where the "Skip" button is.
  4. You will then receieve your award, which is either coins or diamonds. In some cases, it may also be experience points as well.
  5. The tracker of how many objectives you have completed will go up to account for your completed objective.

Skipping an objectiveEdit

If you do not want to complete an objective, you may pay diamonds to skip the objective. When an objective is skipped:

  1. It does count as completed for your completed tracker.
  2. You will not recieve the reward for completing the objective.

List of objectives Edit

  • Weapon Master: Hit X racers with the Y (Y= a weapon OR "your pet"
  • Shop till you drop: Own X Y's (Y= Either a head, mask, suit, or trail item.
  • Let's play together: Play X friendly matches
  • Money in the Bank: Collect X coins
  • Killing Spree: Attack X racers
  • Ready Set Go: Race X games
  • King of the Hill: Get 1st or 2nd place X times
  • Friendly Match: ????

Daily ObjectivesEdit

Every day, you receive 3 Daily Objectives. You must complete them in order, and they cannot be skipped.

  1. Play 1 race: 500 coins
  2. Play 5 races: 10 diamonds
  3. Get 1st place 5 times: 1 Normal Pet Egg

Items Edit

Certain items can only be unlocked after completing a certain amount of objectives, such as White Suit or Bunny Ears.