Mr. Touchdown (Cropped)

Chip using Mr. Touchdown.

Mr. TouchdownEdit

Mr. Touchdown is a pet in Battle Run. He appears as a football player, and characters ride on his back.


Mr. Touchdown gives barely any noticeable speed boost.


When coming up behind an opposing character, he will shove them backward, leaving them in a helpless state as they are thrown backwards. At the end, he throws his football into the ground, causing an explosion that kills players on screen. (Similar to Tank's Cannon Ball and Bulk's Smash)

Egg Edit

Mr. Touchdown is golden pet and can be found in golden and legendary eggs.

Competitive PlayEdit

Mr. Touchdown does okay at higher levels. His throwback can help take the lead. An underwhelming speed boost, however, makes him somewhat weak. The slow speed boost makes it somewhat hard to catch up to a player to smash the football into the ground to kill them


Mr. Touchdown is part of an interesting item set, called The Football Player. This uses the Football Helmet, Football Uniform, and Mr. Touchdown. When used, it will appear to be a football player riding on another football player's back.