Meteor Shower (Cropped)

A Meteor Shower being unleashed.

The Meteor Shower is one of two overpower weapons in Battle Run, alongside the Drill. Upon use, it summons a shower of fiery meteors over every opponent to crash down on them—contact with a meteor causes instant death.

Similiarly to the Drill, it cannot receive upgrades due to it being an overpower weapon.


The Meteor Shower is typically acquired when a player is falling behind, hence its destructive power. They are almost inescapable, unless the player either uses a quick FSD or attains a high enough speed to outrun the meteors. It can also be dogged by slowing down to doge the metorites by trying to stand between the metorites.

Competitive PlayEdit

Overpower weapons are almost seldom seen in Competitive Play, although the Meteor Shower is bound to get its user a considerable advantage if deployed wisely.

Ranking of similar weapons Edit

  1. Meteor Shower
  2. Drill

The Meteor Shower is ranked higher than the Drill because, although the Drill is a guaranteed kill on the first-placed runner, the Meteor Shower technically has a higher potential to score a kill on every racer. Players subject to the Meteor Shower are typically forced to either FSD or die.

Users Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Corpses of runners killed by the Meteor Shower will be heavily darkened and emit smoke, since the weapon has a fiery effect to it.
  • Sometimes, the meteors won't kill a player immediately, and it is possible to survive them entirely. This is because each meteor has their own individual hitbox.