• Melee Weapon
  • Creates a circle around Violet that kills on contact
  • Upgrades increase duration of magic


Happens instantly; when the ability is activated, it surrounds Violet with a large circle that kills any player around the perimeter. Extremely useful when an opponent is coming behind you with a Chainsaw or a fast pet. This weapon is similar to Luchador's Pride.

Competitive PlayEdit

Insanely high killing power

  1. Boxing Glove
  2. Magic
  3. Robo Shock
  4. Chainsaw
  5. Luchador's Pride

Magic ranks 2nd place; much higher than Luchador's Pride due to its amazing long-range attack (circles around both sides). However, it lacks it's speed a bit, making Violet a somewhat very slow character. Of course, it is much more superior than Nacho's unique (Luchador's Pride) and more of a direct upgrade but, still a very good melee weapon to use.

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