• Melee Weapon
  • has AoE effect around player
  • duration increases with each lvl


  • the ability will instantly surround the player when activated.
  • it can kill players behind you
  • this weapon has more AoE than Luchador's Pride.
  • it can knock players off their pet and kill them at max lvl.

Competitive PlayEdit

  1. Boxing Glove
  2. Magic
  3. Robo Shock
  4. Chainsaw
  5. Luchador's Pride

Magic ranks 2nd place; much higher than Luchador's Pride due to its amazing long-range attack (circles around all sides). However, it lacks it's speed a bit, making Violet a somewhat very slow character. Of course, it is much more superior than Nacho's unique (Luchador's Pride) and more of a direct upgrade but, still a very good melee weapon to use.