Leagues are a progression system in Battle Run. As players win races, they gain points and they move up leagues as they gain League Points which you gain for playing games in Battle Run.

League (Cropped)

The Leagues are;

  • Bronze I - 0 Points (after 5 wins)
  • Bronze II - 50 points
  • Bronze III - 110 points
  • Silver I - *
  • Silver II - *
  • Silver III - *
  • Gold I - *
  • Gold II - 805 points
  • Gold III - 1105 points
  • Diamond I - 1505 points
  • Diamond II - 1805 points
  • Diamond III - 2165 points
  • Boss I - 2605 points
  • Boss II - *
  • Boss III - *
  • Big Boss - Top 50 players in the world.

*Not 100% sure will check.

As a player moves up leagues the amount of points they gain/lose increases respectively.

For example a Bronze can't lose points whereas a Gold loses points for 3rd or 4th but gains more points for 1st and 2nd.

To check where you are in the league, check League in the menu, or press your league points to check for how many points are required for you to be promoted. 

Note: In Boss III you can't see how many points you need to get into Big Boss

Also League

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IMG 1116
IMG 1120
IMG 1117

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