Battle Run Ladybug


Ladybug is a pet in Battle Run. It appears as a mechanical bug-like creature that characters sit on (similar to Glitch and Caterpooper).


Ladybug gains a small boost during its attack phase (similar to Spider and Caterpooper).

Dust going over LadyBug's Electrical Bolts


Upon activation, Ladybug drops several objects that look like mechanical bolts. If a character touches them, they are shocked for several seconds. (Similar to Spider's and Caterpooper's attack phase)

Competitive PlayEdit

This pet is often compared to the Spider, as they do roughly the same thing. The Spider grants a better speed boost, giving the advantage to place traps more spread out, while the LadyBug, even though not given as much speed, is a smaller pet, and can be placed in more areas that normally block the pet from than the Spider , forcing players to be stunned.