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Joshi is a rideable pet in Battle Run. It is moderately rare and can only be hatched from Legendary Eggs.

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Joshi takes on the appearance of a pixelated, reddish-orange dinosaur with yellow scales along its back, stubby arms and legs, and a white underside. It also seems to be wearing a pair of goggles and has grooves on its upper jaw. Despite its elongated body, it is a bit smaller in comparison to other pets, which can be considered an advantage.


The Joshi receives a sudden burst of speed for the duration of its egg-hurling attack, but its movement speed then subsides to a normal rate until it disappears.


Joshi's payload isn't a direct attack towards other racers, but rather is made up of an immense amount of eggs being hurled forward at an impressive rate and distance. The eggs are thrown in several clumps of three (not unlike the Egg weapon used by characters like Joe and Molly), and serve to slow down unsuspecting racers.

Overall, Joshi is a very effective pet and is the most useful when behind one or more enemies—the eggs can easily cause victims to fall into pits and other hazardous elements, due to a loss of momentum.


  • Joshi's name, appearance and attack are all obvious references to the character Yoshi, a similar dinosaur-like character from the Super Mario series who also employs the use of egg-related attacks.

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