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A Homing Rocket flying forward.

The Homing Rocket is an offensive weapon employed by most characters in Battle Run. Similiar to the Boomerang and Bats, its main trait is its ability to home in on opponents—with no protection, it kills on contact with an opposing racer.

Further upgrades will increase its speed and life span.


The main difference between the Homing Rocket and the other homing weapons is that the Homing Rocket is slow-moving (and therefore easier to FSD), and can only hit one character before it disappears.

Competitive PlayEdit

Useful for catching up, but can generally be dodged easily via Force Slow Dodge.

Ranking of similar weapons Edit

  1. Bats
  2. Boomerang
  3. Homing Rocket

The Homing Rocket is ranked lower than the Boomerang due to both its easiness to dodge and single-target capacity.


Trivia Edit

  • Once deployed, the rocket will only home in on the racer ahead of the user for its entire duration. If a third racer were to obstruct its path, they would be killed instead.
  • If deployed in first place, the rocket will simply explode after a couple seconds.
  • It is possible, albeit rare, for the rocket to instantly turn around and fly backwards if it misses its target.