This page is about glitches in Battle Run, both good glitches that can help you, and bad glitches that need to be fixed.

Good Glitches Edit

Candy Land Jump Pad Glitch Edit

In the map Candy Land, there is a section of the map with 3 jump pads. The first jump pad shoots you real fast into spikes up above, the second jump pad shoots you through an opening to the other side, and the third jump pad shoots you into a set of spikes on the ground. Normally, you would want to take the second pad so that you would get through and not die, however, there is a glitch with the jump pad that makes you go in a more forward direction and less in an upward direction if you jump on the pad. Perform this glitch on the first jump pad, and you will be shot really fast through the opening and it will give you a huge lead in the map.

Bad Glitches Edit

Lag Glitches Edit

There are many different glitches that come from lag in Battle Run. Here are some that I found.

  • The screen shakes
  • Items and pet don't activate right after you touch the button
  • Weapons don't kill you right away, making you spawn back where you were killed later on in the race
  • Even if you get 1st place you still lose points
  • Weapons that are behind you still kill you

Landmine Glitches Edit

The landmine glitches are when even though you are above a landmine, it still kills you.

Death at the Finish Line Glitch Edit

When you die right at the finish line, you see your corpse, but your character still runs to the place where you see what place you're in, when this happens, no matter what place you finish, the game treats it like a fourth place, causing you to lose points.


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