Fart is Kevin's unique weapon.

To much gas builds up and releases a super fart that Kevin uses to blast away, this weapon lasts for a few seconds and is Kevin's speed weapon.

​Good WeaponEdit

Kevin's Fart is a very good weapon because if used with a fast pet or on a speed ramp, this provides a very good Boost . Chart is below.

Fart = 100%

Fart + fast pet = 190%

Fart + speed ramp = 180%

Fart + Speed ramp + fast pet = 260%

Note: this information is close to completely accurate but not completely, but very close to best accuracy.



Speed is a really good advantage for this weapon because I it goes fast, about how fast Dust's Hoverboard goes.


The time it lasts is good because it lasts for a good amount of time, about as long as Dust's hover board lasts.


Going TOO fastEdit

If you go too fast when you use this with a pet or a pet and speed ramp, you go so fast you go past your screen range and you can't see were your going, you might run into something and lose your Pet  and your life in the game and might lose a place.

This goes for all speed weapons in Battle run.

speed weaponsEdit




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