Items that can be dropped are mainly used for defense. It is mostly useful if you are ahead or somebody is close to you. The available dropped items are listed below:
File:Screenshot 2015-05-23-17-38-47.png
Screenshot 2015-05-23-17-39-06

My rank/level/ achievements and units killed

Screenshot 2015-05-23-17-42-37

An Allied Patrol being ambushed

Screenshot 2015-05-23-17-51-46

A Battle over the Allied Base

Screenshot 2015-05-23-17-48-44

An Allied helicopter crash with allied troops scattered around the crash site

Screenshot 2015-05-23-17-47-07

A fuel truck parked

Screenshot 2015-05-23-15-58-51

A light armored transport unit getting ready to shoot

Screenshot 2015-05-23-15-59-06

An APC 1 (freindly) helping defend the base

Screenshot 2015-05-23-15-59-20

A Jeep moving to the battle

Screenshot 2015-05-23-15-59-33

An M1 Abrams aiming it's gun at an enemy vehicle

Screenshot 2015-05-23-15-59-54

A Helicopter flying towards the battle

Screenshot 2015-05-23-16-00-09

An APC 2 moving towards the battle

Screenshot 2015-05-23-16-00-38

An APC 1 in the heart of a battle

Screenshot 2015-05-23-16-01-12

An anti aircraft moving it's gun to shoot at the Drone I'm in

Screenshot 2015-05-23-16-01-35

A Tank 1 moving towards the battle

Screenshot 2015-05-23-16-02-14

A SCUD Launcher getting ready to launch the missile with an anti aircraft 2 behind it

Screenshot 2015-05-23-16-03-38

An Anti Aircraft gun getting ready to shoot

Screenshot 2015-05-23-16-04-35

A HumVee moving Towards the Allied base

Screenshot 2015-05-23-16-05-54

An RPG soldier running

Screenshot 2015-05-23-16-06-29

A Tank 2 moving towards the battle


The speed ramp

Screenshot 2015-05-10-11-10-17

A preview of me on Battle Run.


The Black Album mado

Screenshot 2015-04-29-18-42-04

Racing with friends

Screenshot 2015-04-29-18-43-36

OICW members preparing for a race

Screenshot 2015-04-29-18-24-39

OICW_Nicky and YoloButtMaster playing in the Candy land stage

Screenshot 2015-04-29-18-26-05

OICW_Nicky and YoloButtMaster getting ready to race

Screenshot 2015-04-28-18-38-23

Players racing on Bamboo forest (stage)

Screenshot 2015-04-28-18-37-19

OICW_Nicky using his speeder

Screenshot 2015-04-28-18-21-34


Screenshot 2015-04-15-14-56-56


2 Items

Joe wearing a costume

IMG 20150402 172309
Android profile


10398685 783689805045279 5121758521548794911 n
10398685 783689805045279 5121758521548794911 n
Catapult fun
Catapult Swing
Sweet Spikes

The Sweet Spikes in the stage Candy Land

Candy Land

Players ready to race on Candy Land


GameHive celebrating their successful launch on Battle Run


Friends getting ready to race with each other


Dust using his Homing Missle


A races finishing places


Players ready to race on Jungle


Dust going over LadyBug's Electrical Bolts


Joe riding his Glitch

Screenshot 2015-06-06-03-19-36

OICW_Nicky riding his Unicorn

Screenshot 2015-06-06-03-21-08

OICW_Nicky riding his spider

Screenshot 2015-06-06-03-22-37

OICW_Nicky riding his Dragon

Screenshot 2015-06-05-16-33-18

OICW_Nicky riding his Ostrich

Screenshot 2015-06-05-16-37-53

OICW_Nicky riding his Robo Car

Screenshot 2015-06-05-16-39-13

OICW_Nicky riding his Alpaca in the air

Screenshot 2015-06-05-16-40-34

OICW_Nicky riding his Robo Spacecraft

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