WWB_FolloWmE uploaded this picture, aka me cause we didn't have it

Dragon (Cropped)

Spoon riding Dragon, while it is shooting flames.


Dragon is a pet in Battle Run. He appears as a large, red dragon, that players ride upon. WWB_FolloWmE aka me was able to upload this picture of a dragon, the 1st one.


During the attack part of his usage (See below), he is granted a speed buff slightly less then Boost.
Screenshot 2015-06-06-03-22-37

OICW_Nicky riding his Dragon


For a few short seconds after activation, Dragon spews out fire, killing anyone and their pets a short range in front of him (similar to Pyrosaur's first attack phase, only longer ranged for Dragon).

Competitive Play

Dragon, as you may have realized, functions quite similarly to BabyLoo. Both grant a speed buff and kill people in front of them. Dragon's breath outranges BabyLoo's claws, however, making Dragon a direct upgrade.


  • Dragon is Only obtained in Legendary eggs or trading