Chris gameplay

Chris gameplay


  • Chris is a playable character in Battle Run.
  • He appears to be a man of dark skin with with brown curly hair and a small hat.
  • His play-style is very balanced, having a versatile selection of abilities.
  • He costs 15000 coins
  • He has the abilities: Slime Gun, Homing Rocket, Chainsaw, Landmine, Boost, and Drill


Chris is quite versatile. He still has goo at his disposal through the Slime Gun, and he gets to keep the Landmine, making him a combination of Spoon and Dust, playstyle-wise.

Use in Competitive Play

Chris is very easy to play and master due to his versatility. 


Interestingly, Chris' hat still shows whenever a player puts on a hat, the only way to hide it is to wear a hat like Golden Helm or Elf Hat.