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Candy Land

Players ready to race on Candy Land

Candy Land is a stage in Battle Run and is the same difficulty level as Desert. The background depicts a meadow similar to Castle, but replaced with frosting(or snow). Candy Canes, trees, and Gingerbread houses are also visible on the background. When the player gets near the finish an Ice Castle will appear in the mountains.
I AS4001

Candy Land's trophies for having the coolest design in Battle Run


Candy Land has 2 obstacles. One is harmful the other is advantageous

Harmful ObstaclesEdit

Sweet SpikesEdit

Sweet Spikes are a harmful obstacle in the stage Candy Land. They depict as 3
Sweet Spikes

The Sweet Spikes in the stage Candy Land

red, orange striped spikes. It will kill a player or their pet on contact. The Sweet Spikes are tall enough to kill you if you jump right next to it. It's a good idea to jump as soon as you can to jump over the Sweet Spikes.

Advantageous ObstaclesEdit


The Catapult is an advantageous obstacle in the stage Candy Land. It depicts a red, orange striped base and a orange and purple launch plate. If a player or pet comes into contact with this obstacle they will be launched in a fixed direction. The catapult can launch players farther ahead or launch them straight up to slow them down. It is advised to memorize where each Catapult will launch you as it can launch you into Sweet Spikes.

Music ThemeEdit

The music theme for this stage seems to be modern Christmas time music.