Boomerang (Cropped)

Macie and her trusty Boomerang.


  • Homing Weapon
  • Kills on contact with the enemy
  • Upgrades increase how many targets it can hit and speed (Max 3 hit)
  • Macie's unique weapon


Very effective at tracking people down, it will not give up until it kills it's intended target. Hard to dodge but it is possible. The Boomerang will not disappear when it hits the intended target. Instead it will travel in one direction until it eventually disappears. The Boomerang can hit multiple targets even after it hits it's target. It is recommended to use Macie's Boomerang when your rivals are close together as the Boomerang can hit both of them at once.

Competitive PlayEdit

Very good tracking weapon.

Ranking of similar weapons:

  1. Bats
  2. Boomerang
  3. Homing Rocket

Boomerang ranks higher then Homing Rocket due to it's ability to consistently hunt down a target, however, it lacks the high speed and unpredictableness of Bats.