Picture 016

Players Getting ready to race on Castle

Screenshot 2015-02-22-05-48-48
Screenshot 2015-02-22-03-44-32

TheRobloxBloxa Riding a Caterpooper

Android profile


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Catapult fun
Catapult Swing
Sweet Spikes

The Sweet Spikes in the stage Candy Land

Candy Land

Players ready to race on Candy Land


Players ready to race on the stage Desert


The cactus in the stage Desert


Players ready to race on the stage Harbor


The Camp Fire in the stage Harbor


The Read Spiky Skulls in the stage Harbor with a Throwing Axe stuck to it

Barbed Wire

The Barbed Wire on the stage Snowy Mountains

Road Spikes

The Road Spikes on the stage Snowy Mountains

Open Gate

the Open Gate on the stage Castle

Chess Pieces

The Chess Pieces on the stage Castle


The Spears on the stage Castle

Battle Run Tank
Battle Run Santa


Battle Run Alpaca


Battle Run Pyrosaur



The Robo Car in Car Form

White - Copy
Golden - Copy
Legendary - Copy
All - Copy
Picture 005

The Robo Car in Car Form

Picture 013

Players ready to race on Snowy Mountain

Picture 002

Players getting ready to race on Jungle

The battle run project is created by PizzaMan1782 and the purpose is to make battles run better and improve it and brain storm cool ideas

Ok thinking that maybe we should have a beach stage and have surf boards, umbrellas and beach balls as obstacles

And also if we do that then make a sort of beach boy character, his unique could be throwing a beach ball that blows up the person in front of him

Then a new pet could be the shark or crab Or seagull

And maybe they have incoming waves

Also, maybe we could add a bathing suit type costume

Maybe instead of the beach for the ground of the stage tho, maybe make it a pier so g he ground level can change in height

We could probably have a winter level and a pet reindeer that the player rides a sled while the reindeers run.

IMG 20150402 172309

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