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This is about the popular iOS, Android, and Kindle game Battle Run, made by Gamehive.  Battle Run is a racing game in which you must get to the other side the fastest. You use special weapons to attack and hinder other players. If you play this game and feel you would like to contribute, feel free! If you are interested in new games, you should check out this wiki. 


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Battle Run Season 2

The App Logo for Battle Run Season Two, the latest season.

Character pages:

Dust, Macie, Joe, Molly, Spoon, Chip, Violet, VampShinobi, Chris,Nacho, Nitro Queen, Kevin, Monkey King, and Allen.

Weapon pages:

Throwing Axe, Egg, Bone, Ninja Star, Slime Gun, LaserHoming Rocket, Boomerang, BatsChainsaw, Boxing Glove, Robo Shock, Magic, Luchador's Pride, Super Dash, Landmine, Goo, Yarn, Boost, Hoverboard, Fart, Meteor Shower, and Drill.

Here's a list of pets, too.

A list of items is also here.

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