Season TwoEdit

Battle Run Season Two is the 2nd season of the game Battle Run. There were several large improvements in this season.

GameHive celebrating their successful launch on Battle Run

Changes from Battle Run Season OneEdit

  • Added different pets
  • Chip is a playable character, so therefore his unique, Robo Shock, was also added.
  • More items
  • Objectives are now in the game.

Following SeasonEdit

Season Battle Run Season Two is the current season, and therefore the next season has not been released.

About SeasonsEdit

Each Season lasts for a period of time. At the end of the season, players are invited to join the next season, where their League position is reset (to 0 league points) and players recieve Diamonds based on their ranking.


As mentioned on Battle Run Season One, with the release of this season, many players complained about their League points being reset, not understanding that that is what happens during a season change.