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Bamboo ForestEdit

  • Bamboo Forest is a stage on Battle Run.
  • It appears to be a forest of bamboo with wooden houses in the background and trees of bamboo all around.
  • It appears to be night time in this stage but the light from the torches and houses in the background light it up.
  • This Stage is probably the home of a Character called Monkey King.
    Screenshot 2015-04-28-18-38-23

    Players racing on Bamboo forest (stage)

Harmful ObstaclesEdit

Red torchesEdit

Red torches appear to be a glowing torch in the bamboo forest stage, they are not seen in big groups, but mostly spots and spots are filled with them on this stage.

Red spikesEdit

Red spikes appear to be very small thorn like things in the bamboo stage, they are seen in very big groups and are some times really hard to avoid, they are a little more hard to avoid then the red torches.

Unharmful ObstaclesEdit

Wood pilesEdit

Wood piles appear to be just something to change the height level on the stage and are just harmless to racers.

Advantageous Obstacles Edit

There are many speed boosts in this stage.

Difficulty LevelEdit

The difficulty level on this map for most people is about 6/10.

Music ThemeEdit

The music theme for this stage seems to be a tone similar to the Jungle Stage music theme. but a bit different.